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We know what you are thinking...

We don’t sell pot and we don’t bake cakes.

So why the name Potcakes? Many years ago, whilst holidaying in the Bahamas, our Managing Director Judith fell in love with a couple of stray dogs. Judith began helping the local charity that provided care and treatment for these very sociable and lovable creatures. The locals, too, did all they could to care for the dogs and they would feed them scraps out of the old pots that were used to bake cakes in. These dogs are affectionately referred to as Potcakes.

Potcakes became the name of our company in 2000, in honour of these animals and what they stand for; loyalty, friendliness, intelligence and dependability. These qualities remain embedded in the DNA of our business.


Nothing is more important to us than the complete satisfaction of our clients, and we pride ourselves on the lasting relationships we develop with them.

Over time, these connections have become the foundation upon which repeat business is built. We believe in quality over quantity, and for this reason we will never be a large business. We focus on what’s important: delivering a consistently first-class, personal service.

Working across multiple disciplines we have earned ourselves a reputation for our quietly executed attention to detail, our creativity and our collaborative approach to clients and suppliers.

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