Set Design & Styling

Making a visual impact…

We ensure that creative branding and design is considered, incorporated and executed in an original, relevant and powerful way across all aspects of your event. It is vital that we convey and define your long-term goals and objectives; our aim is for your audience to feel inspired by your message long after the event has finished.

Room Transformation

Transforming or just enhancing

Whether you have a vision or not, we will transform any space with inspiring, unforgettable style.

Set Design 

Setting the scene

Whether you need practical and slick or unconvential and out there, look no further. We are renowned for our visionary designs.


Fitting it all in

Vital for accurate room layouts, and especially beneficial if running at full capacity, CAD drawings ensure precise technical and set positioning.


Getting it down on paper....or not!

We carefully select the best possible quality and finish to align with your brand identity, whether that be for corporate brochures, menus or table plans.

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