Technical Production

Technology has changed our expectations of what an event should be, feel and look like.

We consider all relevant and cutting edge technologies to enhance each event. We supply all technical needs, whether that is as simple as a small PA system or as advanced as a multiscreen broadcast link up. Events are live and you only get one chance to be seen and heard so it’s fundamental that equipment is fully tested before installation and that principal equipment is backed up at every event.


Lighting the way

Key to transforming any space, and often overlooked. Expertly designed and adapted to suit the required aesthetic.


You only have one chance to be heard

Clear, crisp audio is imperative at any event. If you can’t be heard you may as well be invisible! Audio can be the last thing people remember if faultless, but the first thing people remember if poor.

Audio Visual

The need to be seen

Wide range of presentation set ups incorporating single and multi projector screen capabilities, live filming relay, vision mixing and much more

Crew and Suppliers 

The secret to our success

We have developed long-term relationships with experienced and highly reputable crew and suppliers over time that we match to suit your requirements.


Knowing what to say

Adds fluidity, keeps eye contact with everyone in the room, prevents add-libbing and allows accurate speaker timing.

Participant Communication

Your audience opinion matters

Audience response handsets and software give an engaging and interactive experience, enabling users the opportunity to share their opinions and for you to collate vital research.

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